Saturday, February 15, 2014

Glinting Like Gems

Why let the celebration of love, sensuality, and steaminess end when Valentine's Day is over? Let's keep it going for a few more days!

Actually, I'll keep it going on my blog much longer, but I just won't be posting every day. Please come on back and visit. And tell your friends!

* * * 

Glinting Like Gems

The glint in her
blue-hazel eyes

The shine of her
glossy deep red lipstick.

The sparkle of her
diamond earrings
I realize just now
that I gave her two
Valentine's Days ago.
(or was it three?)

All giving me
tiny flashes,
reflecting the
candle's dancing light.

Beautiful flashing gems
on a beautiful face,
whenever she tilts her head
a hundred flashes go off
like cameras of paparazzi
trying to capture this beauty,
but they'll never get her.

I'll be the one capturing her,
bringing her back home,
and my body will press on top
of hers on our bed,
moving inside her as we
moan with pleasure.

And I'll have to put a candle
on each nightstand,
those candles we bring out
only occasionally with
dinner at our place
(but we need to do that more)
and with the candles
flanking our bed,
I'll get to see the gems glinting
on her eyes,
her gorgeous red lips,
her earring gifts.

But I wonder
if I really capture her
in these moments,
or is it me that
she's captured?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Trifecta of Valentine's Gifts

Sexy saying: "Because he gives you red roses, chocolate, and cunnilingus all on one night." Please do share on Tumblr, Pinterest, and the like -- but please don't crop out the URL at the bottom.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dripping Strawberry

Sexy saying: "When he raises a strawberry from the bowl of melted chocolate, the sauce dripping off the bright red juicy berry." Please do share in those shareable sites like Pinterest, just please don't crop out my blog's web address.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chocolate Choice

he doesn't
make her
him or chocolate,

But instead
lets her have both
at the same time

As she watches
the dark chocolate
sauce drizzle
on his hard cock
and licks her lips.

Valentine's Pin-ups

In past posts, I've included pin-up art for Christmas and snow bunnies for cold winter days -- and now that we're closing in on Valentine's Day, it's time to toss off the sweater and put on lingerie.

Here are some selections from the superstore Zazzle, where you can find designs for tons of merchandise. I've been in the trend of including this website, but don't worry -- I'll branch off eventually into other sites showing cool pin-up art. It's nice that there are folks out there still drawing and taking photos in pin-up style.

When you click on the links, the webpage for the items should pop up. If you don't see the items I've described, it might be because your settings within Zazzle are in safe mode. If you're on a page in Zazzle showing various products, look at the bottom of the sidebar on the left side. If the Content Filter says Safe, you'll need to click Change and turn off the filter. That way, you can see the material otherwise blocked from you. But do it only if you're only 18 please!

First up is A Warm Welcome, art by Elvgren, is getting ready to roast marshmallows by a roaring fire. Art found in the PinUpGallery. You get get this saucy dame on a postcard, jigsaw puzzle, towel, greeting card, coffee mug, and much more. Don't you love choices?

Keeping in the retro mood is this Sensuous Blonde in Lingerie ~ Retro Pin Up Girl Poster, from Pin Up Pro's store

Lots of retro goodness in these two greeting cards that are collages of various pin-ups. The top one is referred in the store as collage 1, and the second is collage 2, as denoted by the Zazzle store that carries them -- the fun-named Kitsch Bitch ...

... who just so happens to have some sassy pin-up postage art.

Finally, we have more modern artwork, done by Al Rio Art. A busty babe dressed in opaque baby doll lingerie with a background of hearts.

You may not be able to order these and have them delivered to you in time for Valentine's Day, but they'd be saucy gifts any old time.

Line of Chocolates

Sexy saying: "She takes the gift of chocolates and places them in a line from her collarbone, between her tits, and down her belly to her pussy." Feel free to share on Tumblr, Pinterest, where-ever, just please don't crop out the URL of my blog.