Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kama Sutra Sweetie

I'll go through the various erotic stories I have for sale and highlight each one with an excerpt. We begin with "Kama Sutra Sweetie," which tells the tale of two models posing in challenging sexual positions for a new book on the Kama Sutra. The positions — such as The Wheelbarrow, The Clasping Position, and The Knee Elbow — build their desire more and more ... until their lust breaks the mere posing to do the positions fully, without boundaries.

And that's when things get really passionate.

Excerpt #1, from earlier in the story:
     The diagrams grew more interesting as we flipped through them. The Wheelbarrow looked fun. The female figure lay on a surface, with her ass on the edge. The male figure held her thighs around his hips and drove into her from behind. Aptly named. He looked to be pushing her as he would push a wheelbarrow full of hotness.
Madeira sipped his red wine and said, “Now to another sensitive issue. I want to clear the air. Bill, you’re bound to get… um, rigid in the photo shoot.”
     “Yeah, probably so,” I admitted.
     He was absolutely right. I was rigid merely over the diagrams. Easy as a breeze to imagine switching the diagram people with Anna and me. The Congress of a Cow practically begged to be tried right now. I could've swiped our tapas dishes from the table in a clatter and ripped off our clothes and plowed into Anna in this variant of the doggy position. But with this position, she would've been standing instead of kneeling on all fours, and she would've bent so far forward that her fingers touched the floor. Holy cow!
     Madeira continued: “Oh, you will get rigid. Trust me. But it’s important you remember no penetration. You’ll need to take care of business. So to speak. Lingam is Sanskrit for the phallic symbol of the god Shiva. In the Kama Sutra, it refers to the penis. We all know how quickly it get excited.”
Anna giggled.
Excerpt #2, from a bit deeper into it:
     Then Anna raised her hips and butt off the bed for The Widely Opened Position. Lovely, lovely. Wide open, all right. Ready to be filled. I planted my hands on either side of her for support and managed to get a few good drills into her yoni. I shunned my aching desire to pound her with reckless abandon. Discipline must prevail if we were to complete more positions.
     Her hips and butt returned the bed. As her hands held my shoulders, her foot reached behind me and rested on the back of my thigh. Her foot pushed me toward her in The Pressing Position. I arched my back in the yogic Cobra pose.
Anna shifted to The Twining Position, where her leg hooked further, so that her heel pressed against my ass and her calf pressed against my thigh. She smiled. Actually smiled at me. Smiled for the first time in our sexual pretzel games. I glowed.
So ... have these tempted you to find out more?

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