Monday, November 25, 2013

The View From Where I'm Standing

Yippie-ky-yay! It's time for another short story preview! This one is "The View From Where I'm Standing," and it's got steamy cowboy lovin'.

On a Wyoming ranch, the view of far-off mountains is spectacular... but so is the view of a cowboy's butt in jeans. This view is very much enjoyed by Michelle, who is a make-up artist working on the ranch for a commercial photo shoot. She and that cowboy -- Mark -- find passion among the beauty of the American West.
Excerpt #1:
     Whatever time it was, darkness greeted them outside. In the chill of the crisp morning air, her drowsiness subsided and her senses awakened a little. Seeing the frosty clouds from the nostrils of the horses made her glad for wearing a sweater.
     He tossed a saddle on a horse and said, “Now, these aren’t the trail hags they let you ride the other day. These’re young and strong. You’re gonna get a little wind in your hair. So be careful. Hold on real tight.”
     Mark was right. Eagerly pacing, this horse was a world apart from those that the ranch owner let her and the other staff ride during a break in the modeling shoot a couple days ago. 
Let's get a little hotter with excerpt #2:
     His tongue leisurely slid across her folds in approaches at different angles. It flicked across her clitoris, thudding a strong rhythm of pleasure. Her horse brought its hooves thudding on the hard morning ground.
     Michelle reached down and held his hair as she had done with the horse’s mane. His head nodded, silently saying “Yes” as if to mimic her real groans. Again, an orgasm bloomed like the sun rising through her. Mark stayed right there with his wonderful warm mouth until her suppressed cries dissipated into moans, and her moans faded to a glow.
     She opened her eyes to see him standing with his hands on his hips. Limp soldier between his legs.
     “Give me,” she whispered hoarsely. “Your cock. My mouth. Hard.”
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