Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saving Callie's Christmas

Here's a sexy Christmas story for your reading pleasure. I recently published the erotic short story "Saving Callie's Christmas" on Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook.

What's it about? Lend a kind ear, dear reader...

Callie Skeffington, of New London, Connecticut had been good for so many years -- until she took a turn for the naughty in the week before Christmas. Naughty was Callie the night she tried anal sex with her boyfriend, Kyle Baxter. And with that, Callie jumped over to the bad list.

However, Callie Skeffington has a champion in the North Pole. Rayen the elf goes to Santa Claus to plead Callie's case, in letting her off this time and removing anal sex from the no-no rules that breaking one lands you on the bad list.

Santa gives Callie a chance and instructs Rayen to tell Callie not to partake in anal sex until after Christmas is over. Rayen is delighted to, as he has a thing for Callie and wants to try anal sex. His wife Livvy isn't interested in anal sex, and she's not thrilled about her husband going down to see this good girl turned bad.

Will Rayen cheat in order to sample this unexplored territory? Find out in "Saving Callie's Christmas!"

A sneak peek under the story's dress in the beginning:
Rayen frowned. “I don’t have anything against anal sex. You know that. But it puts her on the bad list. For the first time in, like, forever.”
     “Are you sure you don’t have anything against it?”
     “Yeah,” Rayen said defensively. “I’m up for it, but Livvy’s not.”
     “She doesn’t know what she’s missing. You want Kimi to talk to her?”
     “No, no. Let her be. She’s got her comfort level. Gotta respect that.”
     Noll pointed at the screen and said, “Looks like she’s pushing her comfort level. Or pushed for her.”
     The two elves watched the action on the monitor, where Callie Skeffington of New London, Connecticut was taking it up the ass. In no uncertain terms. Bent over in the doggy position, she held her bed’s cherry headboard like her life depended on it. Kyle Baxter, also of New London, cautiously pushed his cock into her. Underneath them, the quilt that Callie’s grandmother made seemed like it belonged to a different era. 

And then a bit later in the story:
     “Did you like watching me and Kyle doing it?”
     Rayen gazed down at his thick black boots. “Um, it’s part of my job.”
     “Yeah, you said you’re in surveillance. But did you enjoy it?”
     Images of the love scene replayed in his head—as they had often done since he and Noll had stared at the sexy action on the monitor. Kyle pumping, the arch of Callie’s back, her face turned upward, her mouth open and moans coming out. Kyle: “You feel tighter this way. Nice and tight, baby.” Callie: “I wanna be your whore. Your cock feels good in my ass. Oh baby, fuck me with that big cock. Fuck me in my ass.”
     The elf shook his head to clear it of those taunting pictures. He looked up to take her in. The real Callie Skeffington of New London, Connecticut—not an image on a screen. Hands on her thighs, sexy little ruby nightgown. She had been a beacon of goodness. Years and years on the good list. Now a beacon of hotness. A tempting sight of sweet exploration in a heretofore unexplored territory that beckoned to him in its no-no rule wickedness and its promise of a pleasure he hadn’t felt yet.

This short story (8,166 words) is a work of erotic fiction meant for mature readers only. Any resemblance between the characters in this story with persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Model on the cover image is from stock photography and is used for illustrative purposes only -- inclusion on the cover is not meant to imply model’s involvement in activities described in this story.

I wish you happy reading!

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