Monday, December 16, 2013

Sleigh Ride on Santa

She's told me she gets frisky
when I wear a Santa hat,
so with one on my head,
upon the sofa I sat.

"Come here," I say,
"and sit on Santa's lap."
With a glittery smile,
she rushes to me in a snap.
"Now tell me, have you been
naughty or good?"

She says, "I've done what
a good girlfriend should.
I've stripped for you
in sexy lingerie,
and I've fucked you
in many a different way.
I've sucked your dick
and swallowed thrice.
I let you give me a facial,
which was no small dice.
Tell me, Santa, does that
make me good or naughty?"

I reply, "It's the best of both,
and you're very worthy.
So, yes, you've been
a hot and sexy dear.
Now, what would you like
as a gift this year?"

"There are many things
I don't want right now.
I don't want a sweater
or a cat that says 'meow.'
I'd rather not get a
necklace or bracelet,
as those I'd like in the
Valentine's spirit.
There's only one thing
on my Christmas list,
something big that
I simply cannot resist.
Don't worry about traveling
with all your reindeer,
because what I want
is right here."

Her hand strokes the bulge
in my pajama pant:
my dick's hardness
laying at a slant.
She purrs, "Mmm, you see,
my studly Santa Claus,
after I strip off
my panties and bras,
I want to go for a
ride on your sleigh.
Make me fly high:
up, up, and away."

Stroking my pretend beard,
I eagerly reply,
"A wonderful gift,
one that I cannot deny.
Now off you go,
get off my thigh,
and bid your clothes
a fond goodbye."

Once off me, she starts
a slow dance,
one teasing to my eye
and slipping me into trance.
Her sweater and shirt
are eased off,
the first ones to go
in a clothing layoff.
Then her woolen skirt
slips down in a whisper,
to which I let out a
meek little whimper.
Clad in red bra and panties,
against me she slides
and gives me a lap dance
to celebrate the yuletides.
She slithers up
against me like a snake,
gliding her bra on me
for teasing's sake.
She bumps and
she grinds,
pleasing my groin
and my minds.
Then it's off
with her underwear,
and I'm treated to all
her naughty bits bare.

I push down
my pajama bottoms
to set free my cock
and two sugar plums.

She spins so I can see
her cute little bum,
then she backs 'twixt my legs,
and lowers on my column.
For a third time,
she sits on my lap,
and the first two times
I shan't recap.
This one's a more
comfortable fit,
with my erection
deep in her slit.

Her hands resting
upon my knees,
she bounces
with slippery ease,
springing like
an energetic Christmas toy
that gives me loads
and loads of pussy joy.
I hold onto her hips
and watch her move
in a fucking hot,
wondrous groove.

I reach around and
hold her ripe hills,
as her hips grind on
with their own wills.
My hand lowers
down to find her clit.
To give back can be
much fun, I must admit.
She bounces on my cock
with more vigor,
making my brain
go all a-quiver.
Her moans grow
loud and louder,
making me beam
proud and prouder.
I love to give my baby
this pleasure,
it's a gift richer
than any treasure.
My hands on
her breast and clitoris,
my cock in her cunt,
all giving her bliss.
This is the present
she did request,
which I surely
had to address.

"Fuck me Santa!"
she yells in glee.
"Fuck me harder
and deeper in my pussy!"

And so I
thrust up my dick,
shoving our fucking
into more frantic.

She bellows out
in a beautiful orgasm
that wracks her body
into many a spasm.
I follow close behind,
spurting loads of semen
into that wondrously
wet cave of women.
Once I'm finished,
all soft and limp,
she turns 'round to face me,
smiling like an imp.

Yet again she rests
upon my lap,
and around her
my arms do wrap.
We share a kiss
long and romantic,
and we're off to bed,
a-glow with magic.

"Happy Christmas," I whisper
to my sexy sprite,
"may you have
pleasant dreams this night."

And thus wrapped
'neath a thick warm blanket,
we sleep intertwined,
a joyful couplet.

copyright 2013 August MacGregor

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